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We understand the complexity of addiction and emotional problems. Our exclusive and comprehensive treatment programs will give you the keys to a healthier life tied to your path. The program is an investment to achieve balance and treat the core of the issue through a structural, biochemical and emotional approach. Our internationally renowned team of doctors, psychiatrists and therapists will provide one-on-one care with personalized treatment plan. Conducted in luxurious holiday facilities located in northern Scandinavian, Lapland’s spectacular nature will create the setting of optimal recovery.

Our program consists of 4 to 6 weeks on-site together with a 6-month aftercare program tailored around each client’s situation and professional engagements. Many of our clients have important business and performance engagement that should not hinder them from investing in themselves by participating in our program. After the initial two weeks clients can, where is imperative, participate in business or performance engagements with our assistance. Furthermore, the location is prescribed as a small luxury holiday destination that ensures discretion at the same time as you as a client will be treated as a valued guest by all the staff members.

To ensure that our clients feel confident making a life changing decision to enroll in our program, we offer a treatment guarantee.


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Creating health, the Holistic way

We believe in treating each individual in totality. This drives us to design a comprehensive tailor-made plan that integrates Western science with Eastern and African traditional medicine.

Our winning concept looks beyond the symptoms and identifies the root cause of the problem and sets the path to sustainable and lasting recovery.

Structural Health

Our programis structured to give you the keys to a healthier life tied to your path. Together with our client, we work on the basis of an individual implementation plan with goals and sub-goals that form different steps on the journey to change. The effort is tailored to each individual and continuously measured with evidence-based parameters. 

Biochemical Restoration

The very first step in becoming the person you want to be is to make sure that your body and brain can function properly – this is why the Biochemical restoration part of the program is our North Star because it makes sustainable recovery possible. 

Emotional Health

We help our clients to identify, define, and emotionally connect to their true self to find meaning on scales large and small. Through self-understanding, you’ll find that perfect fit. Things can be much better than you believe if you start to make the best of where you are and what you do.


We have chosen a small luxurious and exclusive holiday destination in Lapland for this 5-star treatment program. The location is carefully selected to create a peaceful atmosphere for you to focus on restoring your overall health combined with an unparalleled high-end all-round service.  

The locations allow us to have tranquility as we work with you to re-balance your life, harnessing the power of nature to help you achieve all-round rehabilitation, and create the optimal conditions for you to become more balanced than ever. We have created optimal conditions to ensure that treatment is a success.

From tailored meal plans made up of organic food to personalized treatment procedures that are carefully formulated just for you, our dedicated staff and specialists will see to your every need while ensuring total discretion and confidentiality at all times.

How does it work

From the first contact to attentive aftercare, you can count on our discretion, dedication, and professionalism. Decades of experience ensures a smooth process from the initial contact until the transition back to daily life.

We will initiate contact upon receiving an inquiry.

During this first contact, we will answer any questions you may have regarding our Holistic method.

In a follow up contact our Medical Director will discuss how a potential treatment could be tailor made to fit your specific needs and preferences.

We ensure a smooth transition to the location.

Your personal therapist will have ongoing communication with you leading up to theday of arrival to assist in the preparation of the treatment and to get to know you – all to increase the success of the treatment.

Our team will welcome you at the airport to ensure a comfortable arrival.

On arrival a complete medical examination and biochemical as well as phycological assessment will be completed as the first step in your personalized treatment plan.

If needed, some clients may spend the first couple of days in our partnering medical facility under the care of our Medical Director and in company with the personal therapist, to detox and stabilize the body.

Our team, in co-operation with the client, establishes an individually tailored treatment plan.

The treatment plan is structured to treat the underlaying issue for long lasting results.

For a smooth transition back to daily routines our team will continue the communication with the client in a tailor-made after care program.

For a long lasting recovery after completing our rehabilitation program, we will focus on helping our client to sustainably maintain the newly acquired healthy patterns in his or her everyday life.

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